April 1, 2018

10 reasons why you should learn JavaScript

Ilja Postel

Once you’ve decided you want to learn a new skill, figuring out what you want to learn can be quite a task. Even if you’ve narrowed it down and settled for a programming language, the question remains: what language? In this blog, we’ll give you ten reasons why JavaScript is the perfect option!

why learn javascript

It’s easy to start with JavaScript

JavaScript comes installed on every modern web browser, so starting is easy: you can even start in the browser you’re reading this blog on! No muss, no fuss. On top of this, JavaScript automatically lets you interact with HTML and CSS, which are the building blocks of virtually any website out there.

It’s suitable to learn for everybody

Whether you have a photographic memory or are forgetful, JavaScript is relatively easy to learn if you use the right sources. Once you’ve mastered the basics, a foundation is put into place and you can keep on building more complicated skills on top of the foundation – at a pace that you’re comfortable with.

It’s the most popular programming language in the world.

JavaScript is constantly referred to as the most popular programming language in the world. Large businesses like LinkedIn, Google or Netflix even build their applications using JavaScript! This makes it a good starting point: no matter what languages you’ll learn after mastering JavaScript, chances are that in everyday life you’ll keep on going back to JavaScript.

You can make a trendy website with JavaScript

Who doesn’t like hip webpages? You can use JavaScript to develop all these wow-effects the really cool apps use. JavaScript runs all the fun interactive elements of websites (from slideshows to stuff moving around the screen), which makes it the language to spice up your page!

Knowing JavaScript offers you better career opportunities and higher pay

JavaScript is one of the core skills if you want a career as a programmer because it’s so widely used. In fact, it’ll be hard to find a job as a developer if you don’t have at least basic knowledge of JavaScript. At any given point, there are thousands of job openings for people that know JavaScript.

Its community. 

Because of its popularity, JavaScript has an active and diverse community – densely populated with both professionals and newbies. New ideas are shared with the community on a daily basis, and systems are improved through innovative methods constantly. As a system, JavaScript benefits from this constant contributing.

It’s flexible and adaptable

It’s not just a Front-end language. As a Back-end language, JavaScript provides great scalability and performance because of its event-driven architecture. It also allows for a seamless transition for developers from the Back-end to the front-end. JavaScript’s adaptability is something that provides you with great interactions on the Front-end and asynchronous operations. Next to this, it’s not bound to any browser or operating system. Its capabilities are endless due to this dynamic and adaptable nature.

It’s used virtually all over the globe.

Today, JavaScript is used on the server and client side of web development, in mobile apps and other devices. Its universality is a perfect way to get a well-rounded education in programming from just one language. It’s kind of an all-in-one language.

It’s easy to debug.

Since JavaScript is the web programming language, all browsers let you debug code simple and fast. This allows you to easily refresh and see the debugging results. If you enjoy the debugging process, you can even make money by participating in bug bounty programs organized by big companies.

It boosts your CV

Even in non-technical job roles, programming skills are sought after. In fact, all types of digital skills are increasingly more in demand. Our conclusion? JavaScript is a great skill to add to your resume, regardless of the job you’re after.

Did I convince you to start learning JavaScript? 
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