June 28, 2017

5 Creative CVs To Boost Your Digital Career

Mary Creighton

If you’re applying for a competitive position in the digital world, it’s worth thinking beyond the standard CV and cover letter. These creative job application ideas will both help showcase your skills and let you stand out from the crowd.

The Social Résumé
Ever heard of the girl who turned her Pinterest board into a résumé? Or the guys who used Twitter to catch the attention of their dream employers? If you’re looking to work in social media or digital marketing, it will show recruiters that you know your way around social media channels. And, even if your not, that creative and targeted approach is still a great way to get your name out there and just maybe score you a job.


The Infographic
Switch black and white word documents for a colourful and innovative infographic. This is especially handy for designers, who can demonstrate their creative flair while also detailing their skills and work experience. It also works well for any position, emphasising your strengths and letting you present yourself in a different way.

The Human-Centric CV
These sleek, data-filled résumés offer a new take on the traditional CV, featuring graphics and insights — take a look at this example from Enhancv, made for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, to see what we mean.  Like the infographic, this is a good way to draw focus to your strengths and reveal your specific achievements and goals.

The Google CV
Looking for a role in digital marketing, search engine optimisation or e-commerce? Then layout your CV like a Google results page to really stand out. One guy even created Google Adverts to target potential employers. Not only is it attention-grabbing, it will show you know how to use Google Adverts effectively.

Google ad for job search


The Website
Looking for a role in digital? Prove you’re the real deal with a personal website to show off both your skills and experience. If you’re working as a programmer or similar, it’s the perfect chance to demo your solid coding skills or understanding of user experience design. Even if you don’t work directly with websites, having your own one is a great way to let recruiters know that you understand them.

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