May 5, 2017

6 Reasons You Should Get Into Mobile App Development

Mary Creighton

From excellent job prospects to embracing creativity, there are plenty of great reasons to get into Mobile App Development.

Mobile App Development

1. It’s a huge multi-billion dollar industry…

The estimated global mobile app revenue in 2016 was $58 billion. In 2017 that’s predicted to be as much as $77 billion, with over 268 billion mobile downloads worldwide. Getting into Mobile App Development means you can be a part of it.

2. … and it’s only going to get bigger

The app economy (that’s everyone who makes money or has a job thanks to mobile apps) is only set to grow over the next few years. Market researcher App Annie reckons that by 2020 it could reach $101 billion, with emerging markets like India and Mexico on the up.

3. Which means there’s a huge demand for Mobile App Developers

All those app downloads mean that Mobile App Developers are some of the hottest prospects on the job market, with demand far higher than supply. Last year Inc. revealed that there were 83,649 more App Developer jobs posted than people hired. That demand is reflected in the salary. In the US, for example, the average salary for a Mobile App Developer is $71,072, according to PaySacle.

4. You can use your existing skills

If you’ve already got a background in programming, then moving over to Apps isn’t too tricky, although you’ll have to master some specific languages and skills. For Android, both Java and XML are used, while iOS requires Apple’s own language, Swift. For an overview of everything it takes to become a Mobile App Developer, log into Academy Cube and take a look at our Mobile App Developer Curriculum.

5. It lets you get super creative

Unlike web design, which is somewhat restricted by different browsers, Apps allow for a lot of creativity. You can include elaborate functions and advanced gestures. You can even utilise the device itself, integrating things like the phone’s camera, GPS and contact list into the app design.

6. You can develop your own app…

…and rake in the money. Fancy taking a bite of that $77 billion dollar market? Then creating, developing and publishing your own app is the way to do it! Who knows, you could be the brains behind the next Snapchat or Pokémon GO.

Feeling inspired? Sign up to Academy Cube and try our brand new Mobile App Developer Curriculum.


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