May 31, 2017

7 Courses On Mobile Apps You Can Take Today

Mary Creighton

Looking to jumpstart your career in the fast-growing world of mobile apps? Academy Cube is here to help. It’s filled with courses in everything from mobile app development right through to monetization. Here’s a taste of what you can learn on Academy Cube today.

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1. Android Development for Beginners

Developed by Google, this course is the first step into becoming an Android developer. Designed for those with no prior experience, it teaches the basics of Android and Java programming. By the end of the course, you’ll have created two fully-functioning apps.

2. Android Fundamentals: Ultimate

Aimed at beginner and intermediate developers, this offers a practical approach to Android basics, with lab exercises and projects throughout. You’ll start by learning the basic Android architecture before moving onto simple and more advanced APIs.

3.Intro to iOS Development with Swift

Swift is a programming language by Apple that lets you build apps for iOS, and it’s an essential skill to master for any budding Mobile App Developer. This course teaches you the basics while also developing a fun iPhone app that can make you sound like Darth Vader!

4. UX Design for Mobile Developers

You might have already mastered Swift or Java but as Mobile Apps get ever more advanced and users more discerning, thinking about design and experience is a must. Aimed at existing developers, this short course teaches you how to plan and prototype amazing apps before any code is even written.

5. Advanced Android App Development

Developing an app is much more than coding. This Google-developed course delves into the process of getting an app ready to publish on the Google Play Store. Following Android’s Core App Quality Guidelines, you’ll learn how to implement production criteria and tackle problems using tools and concepts like image-handling and performance profiling.

6. App Monetization

We all know there’s big money in Mobile Apps, but how do you take a cut of that money pie? This course uses instruction and real-life examples to help you develop, implement and measure a monetization strategy for your app.

7. Mobile App Developer Curriculum

An entire Curriculum designed to prepare you for a career as a Mobile App Developer. Made up of 21 different assignments, you’ll learn everything from UX Design to SCRUM, along with specific training in web, iOS and Android development. You should have a basic knowledge of a programming knowledge such as Java or C++ before starting the curriculum.

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