June 5, 2017

7 Essential Digital Skills For 2018

Mary Creighton

There’s no avoiding it. No matter what your dream job is, in 2018, it will undoubtedly require a vast number of digital skills. It’s not just the tech sector that needs them either; everyone from marketeers to teachers can benefit from digital know-how. Here’s the skills that will set you apart in 2018.

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1. Social Media
Whether it’s Instagram or Snapchat, Pinterest or Facebook, social media is creeping into more and more job descriptions. Be sure to keep up with best practices and new features, as well as the latest trends. Being proactive on your personal social media channels can also help you find job leads and resources that will give you the edge in a competitive environment.

2. Coding
We’re not saying you need to be a coding superstar, but getting to grips with at least one programming language is a huge asset in today’s job market. Even if you’re not working directly with code, knowing the basics of it will help you work with others and give you a better understanding of different projects and industries.

3. Content Management Systems
Knowing your way around a CMS, even if it’s just WordPress, is a huge bonus. Content is huge right now, not just for traditional media outlets but for all industries. Everyone from small business owners to journalists should know how to publish something on a content management system.

4. Research
There’s so much information out there on the web right now but sometimes finding exactly what you need requires more than just a simple Google search. Knowing how to do advanced searches, as well as using other sources, like social media channels, can up your productivity levels no end.

5. Project Management Tools
As companies grow and more and more people work from home, good collaboration and project management have become more and more essential. Experience using project management software like Asana or Basecamp will up your efficiency, and your employability.

6. Analytics and Data
More and more job roles require data and analytical skills, whether it’s to identify trends in web traffic or sort through huge banks of data with SQL. It can help you understand customers, define target audiences and obtain KPIs and define goals.

7. Digital Security
There’s more data than ever before online, but there’s also more and more cases of security breaches, usually due to data error. Security and privacy awareness is a must-have in 2017.

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