July 18, 2017

7 Reasons To Work In Cloud Computing

Mary Creighton
Thinking of working in cloud computing? Good choice! From high demand to varied roles, there’s a lot of smart reasons to focus on cloud computing.

1. There’s seriously high demand
In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing areas of the IT industry, with companies of all sizes switching to cloud-based solutions. That’s great news for job seekers with cloud computing knowledge, who will be able to take their pick of the best jobs.

2. And it’s very well paid
Yes, all that demand means you can make bank in the right cloud computing role. Forbes calculated the median salary for a cloud computing professional in the US to be $124,300 per year. Obviously, the exact amount will vary between exact roles, location, experiences and companies but it’s not a bad start.

3. The roles are varied
Much like the IT industry in general, there’s a huge variety of positions and specialisms within cloud computing. You could work as a cloud architect, software engineer or in DevOps. But positions in less technical areas like sales, marketing and recruitment are also on the rise.


 4. You can use your existing skills
Already got a degree in IT? Good news! Knowledge of things like programming, Linux and migration will really help you as you make the leap into cloud computing.

5. It’s (relatively) easy to get certified
There’s a great choice of courses and certification programmes out there. You can try company-specific programs like Amazon Web Services Certification and Google Cloud Platform CloudAcademy or more generalised options. Don’t miss Academy Cube’s selection of courses, either.

6. It’s easy to go far
Cloud computing is still relatively new, which means there’s not a huge amount of professionals specialising in it yet. If you make it your focus, you could quickly work your way to the top or work for high profile brands. In fact, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are all recruiting. This could be your chance to make it big.

7. It’s a thrilling (and challenging) industry
Cloud computing is changing all the time, which makes it a very exciting place to be. If you like keeping up with trends and developments and like being at the cutting edge, this could well be the perfect area for you.

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