February 10, 2016

Academy Cube Initiative for Refugees – Listen to the Story of Firas from Syria

Stefanie Aigner

The ongoing crises throughout the Middle East, as well as other conflict zones, has seen the number of people coming to Europe reach an unprecedented level. In addition to humanitarian aid, rapid and practical training programs are needed for the people arriving on European shores. Many of these individuals are highly qualified and a significant portion is made up of young men and women who will soon enter professional working life.

We at Academy Cube see it as our duty to help in the integration of skilled refugees in Europe. Therefore, we are entering initiatives, providing support and cohesively working with government officials to help those who are seeking a better future.

Firas has shared his story with us, and it’s important we share it with you.

“Life can be pretty tough and you can lose all hope, but you must always fight for your dreams because your dreams are some of the most precious things in life.”

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