December 16, 2017

what is blockchain

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December 5, 2017

A Quick Guide to Big Data & Your Career

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During the past two years, more data has been created than during the entire history of the human race. It is no surprise, then, that big data is a hot topic: every business has to deal with massive amounts of data and needs to find ways to manage this data. Big data, as a concept, was invented in the early 2000s by Doug Laney, an industry analyst. Ever since, it has only become more important as we create more and…

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December 1, 2017

A Foolproof Formula for Kickstarting your Career

Ilja Postel

Are you a student, graduate or professional in the STEM area? Or are you interested in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? Then we have a suggestion for you that will jumpstart your career. Curious how? Keep on reading!

November 25, 2017

The ultimate introduction to Content Marketing

Ilja Postel

The way we do marketing has changed through digitalization. Although content marketing has existed for years, the rise of online marketing has made it a powerful and accessible tool for everybody trying to build a brand.

November 19, 2017

How I got into Marketing as a Non-Marketer…

Ilja Postel

Rob, 27 and originally from Poland, currently works for a communication agency in Brussels as a Social Media Officer. There is something curious about Rob: he doesn’t have a degree in marketing or communication, and built a career in digital marketing through online learning and learning-by-doing. Today, he shares his experiences with us!

November 16, 2017

How to create a Digital Marketing Strategy that works

Editorial Team

Do you know what a good digital marketing strategy looks like? If not, don’t worry. You’re not alone, and we’re here to help!

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