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Successful to the Core Webinar Series

This Webinar Series (6 sessions) is presented by International Leadership Coach & Founder & Director of Young Leaders Development Program, Malih Al Yaman

Why Should You Be Interested in this Series?

To increase your chances of success as part of the competitive workforce, we recommend that you grow all of your career skills. It is widely known that employers desire people who are well rounded to join their workforce.

Taking courses to develop your technical skills is just one vital part of having a successful IT career. Another equally important part is learning career skills such as problem solving through negotiation, business management techniques, as well as having habits that maximize your own potential.

The Successful to the Core Webinar Series offers you the opportunity to learn universal, high impact career skills that apply across all fields of study and industries.

This six part series will help you develop career skills, such as:

Being confident and knowing how to maximize your full potential
Understanding the psychology of success and the role it plays
Techniques to manage a business and success oriented strategies, negotiating, and being a strong leader


Estimated Study Time

6 hours

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Always available


No certification available


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