August 28, 2017

10 Essential Apps For Your Next Holiday

Mary Creighton

Off on your travels? Then download these apps pronto. From tracking down delicious local dishes to keeping your documents in order, they’re guaranteed to improve your holiday experience.

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  1. VizEat

Often described as the Airbnb for food, VizEat lets you connect with locals who will invite you into their homes and cook you a (hopefully) tasty meal. It’s seen as a cheaper and more authentic way to experience food while travelling.

  1. City Mapper 

Think Google Maps on steroids. Available for 30 cities worldwide, it combines an easy-to-use map with a real-time journey planner, Uber integration and cycle routes.

  1. TripIt 

This takes the hassle out of planning a holiday, pulling together all your travel information, from hotel confirmations to flight numbers and converts it into one single itinerary. It even lets you share the plans with fellow travellers, making it especially handy for group trips.

  1. SAS Survival Guide 

If you’re heading into the wilds, this is the app to have. Written by a former SAS (British Special Forces) soldier, it features hundreds of must-know survival skills, from Morse code to fire-starting.

  1. Wiffinity

Need to stay connected but want to avoid hefty roaming charges? Wiffinity keeps you online with its huge, user-sourced list of Wifi networks and passwords. You shouldn’t need it in Europe though; roaming between EU countries is now free.

  1. Duolingo 

Want to master the basics of the local language before you travel? This is the app to use. It provides a fun and easy learning experience and is available in 28 different languages, including Spanish, Japanese and Greek.

  1. Google Translate

The best thing about this tried and tested app? It’s available offline so you can always check a word or phrase. You can even use the camera function to directly translate menus and signs –  very useful!

  1. Oanda

This currency convertor app helps you work out exactly what you’ve just spent on that evening cocktail/indulgent lunch/tacky souvenir. It offers rates from 190 trusted sources for added accuracy.

  1. Hipmunk 

Book flights and hotels all through this powerful search engine. For flights, it compares prices as well as durations and stopovers while the hotel search features last minute deals, TripAdvisor reviews and proximities to shops, restaurants and more.

  1. App in the Air 

Just enter your flight number to get info on check-in times, boarding times, take off and landing times, delays and gate numbers. You can even set up notifications to let you know about any last-minute changes or delays.

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