March 6, 2018

How to prepare your career in Big Data for the GDPR

Ilja Postel

Big Data’s popularity is constantly on the rise, leading to more data being collected and constantly being analyzed. Even though only 0.5 percent of all data is analyzed – data gathering and analysis still is big business. As a result, the European Union introduces GDPR -or: General Data Protection Regulation- to protect its citizens.

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The GDPR regulates data protection and creates stricter rules for people that collect or use data. Internally, stricter protocols regarding information management should be in place. When dealing with the collection of data –big or small– explicit consent becomes necessary in more cases.

One of the most important GDPR sections relating to big data is its section on profiling. Profiling, as the name suggests, means creating a ‘profile’ of someone based on characteristics or behavior. These profiles can be put together into distinct groups, which can be used for targeted communication or promotion.

Profiling, more abstractly described as an algorithmic inference drawn from data about an individual, is one of the key perks of big data and brings us many new insights.

For professionals dealing with data in the broadest sense of the word –from social media managers to IT security admins—the introduction of GDPR means needing to take measures to be compliant with new regulations.

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