December 21, 2017

5 Reasons why following an online course is the best New Year’s resolution!

Ilja Postel

New Year’s resolutions. We probably all have them. Even if they’re private, January 1st seems like the perfect day to either kick a bad habit or start a good one.

Have you considered following an online course and learning a new skill? Online education has many benefits, and due to its positive influence on daily life it is an excellent New Year’s resolution candidate. Rather than starting a new diet or working out more, start a learning journey!

Not convinced yet? Here’s 5 reasons why learning a new skill through an online course should be on the top of your list.

Learn a new Skill

1. You create more and better career opportunities

It’s no surprise that skills provide you with new career opportunities. Online courses often teach you relevant skills employers seek after, and therefore will improve your position as an applicant. Completing an online course looks great on your resume, and can be used as a conversation-starter during job interviews. But besides the obvious influence it has on your opportunities, following online courses also show that you are driven and motivated. What employer wouldn’t want this?

2. You secure your future

Our world is changing constantly, and chances are that the things we learned during traditional education (like an undergraduate degree, or a master’s degree) will lose relevance over the years. This is why the concept of ‘lifelong learning’ is important: you can build a successful future by continuing to learn and develop after your education finishes.

3. You grow as a person and build your character

Learning new skills gives you the tools to approach things in differently and makes your personality more well-rounded. Well-rounded individuals have an easier time relating to and understanding others, and have better communicative skills. In other words, learning a new skill doesn’t only help you in the area of that skill, but rather is an all-round personality boost.

4. It keeps your brain active

Learning a new skill makes you a better learner overall. Myelin, the white matter in your brain, becomes denser if you keep your brain active through learning. The denser it becomes, the better you learn! Healthy Myelin wards off dementia, so continuous learning is a win-win. On top of this, stimulating the neurons in your brain creates new neural pathways that enable you to learn even faster. Long story short: you keep your brain healthy and active by learning new skills.

5. It makes daily life easier

The more we learn, the easier other things become. Learning a – seemingly unrelated! – skill will increase performance and efficiency in other tasks. It also helps you to adapt to change, and improve how you deal with unexpected situations or setbacks.

Do I need to go on? If you want to start the year off right, consider following an online course and learning a new skill! It’s a proven way to better your life overall, and make 2018 the best year yet.

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