December 1, 2017

A Foolproof Formula for Kickstarting your Career

Ilja Postel

Are you a student, graduate or professional in the STEM area? Or are you interested in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? Then we have a suggestion for you that will jumpstart your career. Curious how? Keep on reading!

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A demand for technical skills

Whether it’s developing medical technologies, energy resources, information technology or bioengineering: the future is in the STEM sector, and its graduates are in high demand.

Demand is even so high, that for every two applicants there is only one qualified applicant. One third of companies identify this lack of qualified applicants as a barrier to growth. In the field of new technologies and information technology, therefore, we see a skills gap: traditional education has trouble to keep up with the high speed of developments in the field. New technologies, developing techniques or programming languages can gain popularity quickly, leading to many exciting job opportunities that traditionally educated graduates do not have the technical know-how for.

In other words: a need is felt for new ways to prepare people for the fast-moving world of technology and IT. This has led to various initiatives aiming at providing young graduates and professionals with the skills and certification needed to start a successful career in these new and exciting fields.

Learn new Skills with Academy Cube

“Academy Cube, a worldwide initiative, prepares talents to meet the new demands of the labor market and puts them in contact with international corporations. Your chances on the labor market will increase and companies will have the opportunity to search for the best minds from all over the world,” stated Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kilian, professor at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) in Austria.

Our mission is to enable you to learn these skills that will set you up for success. On our platform, you’ll find thousands of e-learnings preparing you for the job roles of the future, focusing on subjects like internet of things, mobile app development, cyber security or programming. We aim at providing e-learnings that prepare young graduates and professionals with these skills that employers demand, bridging the gap between traditional education and the fast-paced world of IT and tech. And, best of all: most e-learnings are free!

Two Curricula to Jumpstart your Career

We have been hard at work to design comprehensive programs that develop new job skills that will bring you closer to your dream job. Here’s a look at two job profiles for the future.

cyber security

IT Security Admin

With the advance of the digital transformation, companies and institutions become increasingly more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. New technologies appear almost every day and lead to new security concerns.

These new technologies do not only lead to new threats, they also lead to new job opportunities: CIOs must take measures to protect their companies and to be compliant with new security and data protection regulations. Consequently, companies are looking for employees with expertise in cyber security especially for IT administration related tasks.

If you’re a student or professional with basic knowledge in information technology, our curriculum ‘IT Security Admin’ teaches you all the practical skills required to start working in this new and exciting field full of opportunities. The curriculum has been developed in close cooperation with Dr. Sachar Paulus, professor for IT Security at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim in Germany.

The curriculum covers topics like cyber-attacks, network security, identity and access management, vulnerability management, and many other things. As it is an e-learning, you can complete the program at your own pace (and from the comfort of your own home).

Mobile App Developer

Another exciting option is the curriculum in mobile app development. As our world is becoming increasingly more mobile, we browse more on our smartphones and tablets than we do on our computers. Smartphones are everywhere, and so are the applications running on them. Obviously, this development has its consequences on the job market as businesses focus on their presence in app stores. Software developers that can create appealing, high-quality apps are in demand!

Mobile app development is a huge industry, and the app economy is expected to keep growing in the next few years. Because of this, there’s a large demand for mobile app developers: in 2016, for instance, the number of jobs posted exceeded the number of people hired by 80.000!

Does this sound interesting? Then you need to make sure you have the right skills for the job. Together with Professor Thomas Smits from the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim in Germany, we developed a comprehensive curriculum that teaches you all the skills needed to work as a mobile app developer, like for instance UX design, Agile development, and iOS and Android development.

Start today!

Register on our platform to jumpstart your career today. Academy Cube offers thousands of e-learnings, along with the comprehensive curricula in mobile app development or IT security. Combining e-learnings with jobs in the digital economy, we aim to strengthen tomorrow’s workforce. For you, this means having the opportunity to prepare yourself for a successful future. Who wouldn’t want that?

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