November 1, 2017

5 Reasons Why a Digital Marketing Certificate will boost your Career!

Ilja Postel

Digital Marketing is a field on the rise. Although officially it’s a term for all marketing efforts involving digital things, though the years it has become largely synonymous with online marketing. Online marketing is a rapidly growing field filled with opportunities. Interested in a career in digital marketing? Here’s 5 reasons why getting an online certification in digital marketing pays off!

1. We are more Digital than ever

Fact is: we spent most of our life online. Roughly 40% of the world population has an internet connection. The number of people using platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn keeps growing year after year. The online world is accounting for a bigger share of revenues each year, and businesses take note. This is reflected by the growth of digital marketing as a discipline: more and more businesses are hiring digital marketers, or invest in things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content management or social media strategies. This means new job opportunities in the exciting field of online media. The field is only expected to grow further, which means that choosing a career in digital marketing is futureproof.

2. Digital Marketing grows like Crazy

That we are more online than ever may not surprise you. But did you know that in five years, digital marketing will make up for almost half of the marketing budgets? Digital marketing as a field itself is growing by a whopping 11% yearly. This makes sense, as digital natives –people that grew up in the internet era– are joining the workforce and turn to the internet to spend their income. Businesses realize this, and online presence is becoming more important than ever. As businesses build their brand online, demand for specialists in various digital niches increases.

3. Skip the Skills Gap!

The ‘skills gap’ are those skills that employers desire, but aren’t taught (enough) in classic education. Digital industries move relatively fast, consequently this discrepancy between education and working is felt. A traditional degree in ‘Marketing’ or ‘Communications’ may not teach you the practical skills in new and dynamic fields such as Social Media Marketing, Web analytics or SEO. Especially digital marketing is a dynamic field that rapidly changes its focus, and classic education is struggling to include the latest insights into their curricula. Getting a certification in one of these digital fields teaches you the practical skills employers desire and shows that you can ‘hit the ground running’ as a digital marketing professional.

4. It teaches you exactly what you’ll need to know

As said before, digital marketing is an exciting field that grows quickly. Considering a career in digital marketing makes sense! However, for some of us, starting a new full degree isn’t an option. Online courses are a great alternative to learn the skills that can set you up for success as a digital marketer without having to take part in a multi-year program. Do you want to work as a social media specialist? Then your primary interest is understanding the workings of social media platforms, and how to create and promote content on these platforms. A certification in Social Media Marketing, like the Digital Marketing Institute’s, can teach you the relevant skills fast.

5. You can study at well-known institutes from the comfort of your own home

Online education provides a larger group of people to study at institutes that are globally respected. The great thing about online learning is that courses that provide you with recognized certificates are relatively accessible. Accreditation of many online courses is internationally recognized, which makes online education a valuable option globally. On top of that, you have the flexibility to decide where and when you want to follow classes.

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