September 16, 2015

Dinner debate 15th September hosted by the European Internet Forum with its e Skills for Jobs Initiative

Editorial Team

Yesterday the dinner debate “Bridging the ICT skill gap” took place at the European Parliament in Brussels. This debate brought together diverse stakeholders, who discussed initiatives to overcome the steadily growing ICT skill gap in Europe. This gap is caused through the frequent expanding ICT sector and results in a paradoxical situation, which Europe has to face. Whereas millions of Europeans are struggling to find a job and most European companies are failing to find skilled digital technology experts/ICT workers.

Another issue is that most graduates and unemployed do not know about existent opportunities of training and additional education in Europe.

IMG_8101d Building bridges at the European Internet Forum (Source: DIGITALEUROPE)


Thus, Europe needs to promote ICT professionalism and develop a strong digital economy with enough talents.

The dinner debate addresses exactly this issues by presenting and discussing the existent and planned initiatives, which try to solve this problem.

Professor Dr. Peter J. Mirski: Head of the “Management, Communication & IT” Study Program at the Management Center Innsbruck, Austria and member of the Supervisory Board of Academy Cube gGmbH (non-profit organization), presented the Academy Cube, an initiative supported by the European Commission to encourage citizens to develop digital skills. This specific platform is a unique connection of eLearning and job offers. Besides, it offers the possibility to access eLearnings offered by specific companies, universities and other institutions.

Proudly, Peter Mirski introduced Mr. Mihai Avramescu, an Academy Cube talent, who profited tremendously from the eLearnings provided on the Academy Cube. Mihai Avramescu, a talent from Romania currently working for Microsoft as Technical Support Engineer, impressed yesterday’s participants with his success story. For his previous job he needed to enlarge his SAP knowledge especially in ABAP programming and debugging, which has been possible through the offerings of Academy Cube.

Mr.Mihai Avrmenscu:

 “Struggling on the Internet to find something to improve yourself, I detected the Academy Cube, which offered the materials I was looking for. The best thing was that these courses were all for free. These courses supported me in my previous job, helped me become more self-confident, enlarged my abilities and in the end helped me to grow my career. I just can only recommend Academy Cube to everyone who is willing to train himself/herself”

Additionally, to the great eLearning possibilities Academy Cube achieves to bring together the right talents with the right job offers from European companies through its special matching algorithm. Further, it provides European companies with the access to a talent pool of highly skilled ICT works.

Last but not least: Professor Dr. Peter J. Mirski proudly announced the planned kick-off of the won “GRANT procedure CALL FOR PROPOSALS – ECOKT2014 Pilot project Opened Knowledge Technologies: Mapping and validating knowledge” – the OPSKIMR project in October 2015.

The OPSKIMR (OPEN Skill Planner) project is supported and enabled by the European Commission (Directorate-General for communications Networks, Content & Technology-UNIT G4 Media and Data). This project guarantees an additional advancement of the exciting Academy Cube platform.

OPSKIMR targets to develop a European wide learning technology system to enable a retraining of young employees. In the next two years a unique matching system is created. This system will work like a classical navigation system, as we know it from our cars, just that we do not look for our driving path – we can look for the “most suitable, the cheapest-least effort, the quickest – the best” career path. Young people will be able to plan and simulate their individual career plans. This skill planer will suggest routes, trainings, education, resources, predictable “travelling time”, potential costs, hot spots as well as alternatives. It will include European standards like ESCO and DISCO in order to be able to satisfy the needs of a central pool of talents for Europe – which can be connected with companies in whole of Europe. This project is an enlargement of the already existent initiative Academy Cube and Professor Dr. Peter J. Mirski feels honored to have been elected, as one of the winners of the CALL FRO PROPOSALS – ECOKT2014 Pilot project Opened Knowledge Technologies: Mapping and validating knowledge” – the OPSKIMR project in October 2015. He and the whole team are delighted to start off soon and to be a part of the initiative which is working on finding a solution to fight youth unemployment in Europe.

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