April 14, 2016

Especially Young Women Often Suffer From Stereotyping and Prejudice!

Stefanie Aigner

… but if you work hard for your dreams and give your best – you will reach whatever you want.

Dania’s experience with Academy Cube:

After Dania Radi has graduated in Management, Communication and IT from the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), she started working for PDAgroup. Facing challenges of new projects in the area of digitalization forced the need of improving  her skills and thus began her search  for some practice-oriented trainings. Due to the collaboration of PDAgroup and Academy Cube, she decided to visit some of the courses, offered on the platform Academy Cube.

behindthescenes_dania Behind the scenes with Dania


Dania signed up on Academy Cube. At first, she wasn’t sure if the offered courses could really help her, as she wondered:  -“Aren’t they too technical?”  But actually there were so many trainings that fitted her needs thatshe decided to do  training programs in the areas of “Digitalization”, “Internet of Things & Smart Services” and “Technopreneurship”. In the end these courses helped her to  successfully overcome  the challenges she and her team had  been facing.

Find out more about Dania and her story:

With the help of Academy Cube, talents now have the opportunity to improve their skill sets and get in touch with  companies perfectly matching each individual’s skill sets and needs.

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