July 13, 2017

How I Gave My Economic Background A Digital Boost

Daniela Nocker

Give Your Economic Background A Digital Boost – Like I Did!

I graduated from a social and economic focused faculty, with a bachelor’s degree in business sciences. The major topic I chose was “Service Marketing and Tourism”, given I have a strong interest in marketing and tourism related fields. Suddenly, I now find myself working in an IT focussed consulting company, where since I commenced here, I am consistently hearing the word “Digitalization”.

Digitalization – Pardon?

The world of economics and the digital world aren’t always easily paired. However, I would like to point out that my whole professional as well as social experience is being profoundly impacted by digital influences, this has likely been the case for many years. With the array of social media, search, web based content and applications, there is absolutely no doubt how profound the impact of digital is on our life. It’s a bit of a generalisation, but it’s fair to say our generation is completely networked. This all is part of the digital world – but digitalization is so much more.


It’s often about seeking and seeing new perspectives

Honestly, during my first weeks at work, I sometimes thought: “Wait a moment, what exactly are you talking about?” And then I tried to calm myself: “Don’t panic, things will get clearer with time.” It is always a challenge to get into something you barely have done before. For instance, I have never worked with HubSpot, Adobe Connect and Google Analytics. Furthermore, I never created Wireframes and Mock-Ups by using plug-ins to design a brand-new online platform. The overall alignment between business and IT was also something new for me. But now, I can honestly say it is great! I enjoy my new digital surrounding more and more every day.  Here’s a just a few of the reasons why:

  • You start making connections about how digitalization is already a major part of our lives.
  • You see efficiencies and logic, it often makes every-day life and working-life a lot easier.
  • Digitalization offers numerous opportunities for people who love to grow and challenge themselves. For instance, you can address more customers in many more ways, learning and revealing new ways to create value for them.
  • Of course from a career perspective, the digital world has many open doors.  For example, as a marketer you can completely focus on digital marketing. And even for the manual trades, an electrician for example can specialize in IT security.

There are literally too many choices to list here. Hence, the major consideration is how will you choose to interact with the digital world? Will you seek refuge in doing the same thing, pretending everything will stay the same? Or will you grow new muscles and embrace the digital world, onboarding digital skills and readying yourself for the new frontier of life and business?

Have an open mind, take risks

I have learned so much since I am working in this IT focussed field.  And so can you!  Don’t panic if you’re new to digital, you are not alone. In fact, if you are embarking on this journey, then congratulations for taking the first steps in securing your piece of this new frontier. Digital skills are in massive demand. The best and first steps are to explore how you can learn new skills and know how, such as:

  • Promoting your product or service via social media
  • The know-how about specific IT tools
  • The know-how about relevant coding languages

This is your chance to grow mentally, see this as your opportunity to redefine yourself, your career and gain valuable skills which are in hot demand.


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