September 25, 2017

This is how the Internet of Things changes your career

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is an ever-growing field and, consequently, offers great opportunities to boost your career as it will drastically change the way we work. In five years, 26 billion different devices will contain computer chips and will be connected to the internet. But what does this really mean? Among other things, it means that a few years from now, you can communicate with your kitchen appliances.

Do you find this hard to believe? This will be made possible by one phenomenon: The Internet of Things.


What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Simply put, the Internet of Things means that all gadgets are connected to the internet. Over the last 15 years, internet connections have become widely available. Simultaneously, the objects we use on a daily basis have become niftier and niftier – and quite often include a possibility to connect to the internet. On top of these two developments, both internet access and gadgets are constantly more affordable. As a result, a great deal of our life occurs online. The IoT is a large network consisting of people, things, and their connections. These devices gather large amounts of data, supplying us with masses of new information to analyze. This new information is gathered by all your devices: from smart pens to smart phones.

For example, in the future your fridge may monitor its content and send you a text message if you don’t have enough eggs. Likewise, your fridge may tell you, through an automated message, to go grocery shopping if the food in your fridge has passed its expiration date. You will never have an empty fridge again!

How the Internet of Things changes companies

The Internet of Things will have the same effect as other technologies: low-skilled jobs will be replaced with high-skilled jobs. The digital economy and its focus on utilizing new technologies requires different skill sets and, correspondingly, the creation of new jobs. The good news is: you can prepare yourself for this future!

Eventually, companies in all kinds of industries will need employees with digital skills. To fulfill this need, new job profiles in IT are on the rise.

IoT has the possibility to thoroughly change the way we work. For instance: in a few years, your boss may measure productivity though all sorts of sensors, receiving notifications if employees tattle too much. On the other hand, you may be able to plan your tasks more efficiently and save time on redundant tasks.

What are your career chances?

Internet of Things is an interesting area as it is constantly changing and developing. Through its ever-changing demand for skills, new jobs are coming into existence constantly. Most of these jobs rely heavily on digital skills such as programming languages or coding. For instance, Chief Internet of Things Officer is a job role on the rise, responsible for defining strategies regarding Internet of Things.

Half of UK business plans contain hiring an Internet of Things Officer in the next year. Also, more than 90 percent of all business plans aim to invest in initiatives to prepare for the Internet of Things. Preparing yourself for the digital workplace, in other words, is a must!

The so-called Internet of Things job market offers great opportunities for programmers, engineers and designers, as their roles become increasingly more important in the future. It is their task to create apps functional in the cloud, and respond to the need for new services, databases, or user interfaces in the IoT-world.

Do you want to be a part of this future? Check out Cisco’s free introductory course on the Internet of Things.

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