September 29, 2017

How to Enable DevOps Culture: 2 Courses You Can Take Today

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DevOps is one of the hottest topics in computing since the creation of the modern cloud and entails the combination of software development and operations. But what is it, exactly?

DevOps is not a product, but rather a way of working: it’s a philosophy. In a traditional environment, development and operations are separated, which leads to various challenges. The developer, for instance, needs to balance both the code that is being pushed into production and the code that needs to be written for new features that are being developed. On the other hand, errors may occur because code is written in and for the production environment, and much less for the operations Environment.

Because of this, when new code is released it usually requires some adapting from the side of operations.

Imagine: what if development and operations would work and think together? This is the heart of DevOps philosophy.

DevOps integrates developers and operations teams, improving collaboration and productivity. In its essence, it is a collection of practices that allows businesses to constantly evolve. It is doing so through the process of automation: automating infrastructure and automating workflows, all whilst simultaneously measuring the performance of application. Small chunks of new software are constantly being implemented, tearing down the walls between development and daily operations.

All this requires not only a new mindset, but also new tools and new skills.

Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be! Through Chef, an open-source cloud management and deployment application, you can learn how to automate your infrastructure. It facilitates the continuous delivery model that lies at the heart of DevOps philosophy. Academy Cube and PUE, an official Chef training partner, are teaming up to offer you two of the most popular courses in Chef, designed to solve real business problems:

Chef Essentials

Get started with Chef by taking Chef Essentials. It’s a two-day instructor-led course that covers all the basics. You’ll learn what it means to turn infrastructure into code so that you can automate the configuration, deployment and management of your servers. You’ll also learn about Chef architecture and the set of tools included in the Chef Development Kit (ChefDK).

Chef Intermediate Topics

Chef Intermediate Topics is a two-day instructor-led course that introduces you to test-driven development (TDD) and shows you how to extend your cookbooks with custom resources and Ohai plugins.

Building cookbooks with tests will increase efficiency by giving you constant feedback through the entire cookbook development process. Extending your cookbooks with custom resources will increase clarity within your recipes and provide resources that are portable to other cookbooks. Ohai plugins gather data from your nodes that will aid in more dynamic recipes and extensive reporting.

Interested in a career in DevOps? Register on Academy Cube and start your Chef Course through PUE today!

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