November 18, 2014

“I can work and see the world at the same time.”

Veronika Much

nicoNico’s experience with Academy Cube:

Nico found his dream job. He is an SAP Certified Application Associate at the IT Consulting Company Versino in Germany. He studied Management Information Systems in Vienna (Austria) and at the same time visited practically oriented e-Learning courses from the multinational software corporation, SAP.

Nico believes that if you have the right skills, it is easy to enter the job market, and furthermore, with his additional certificates, he could show his future employer that he is motivated to improve himself. His boss Werner Hölzl, CEO of Versino, is certainly satisfied with his employee Nico and is convinced that qualification is the key to success.

Nico, could you explain a bit more about your role as an SAP Consultant? What are your daily tasks?

My team and I help customers get the SAP Business One software up and running at their companies. I do trainings, specifications and data migration in national and international programs. I travel a lot, and I am in continuous contact with clients.

What do you like best about your job?

I really enjoy having contact with customers and travelling. You actually work but you can see the world at the same time.

What did you study and why?

I studied Management Information Systems in Vienna (Austria). Looking back I chose the right course of study because I could improve my skills in and knowledge of economics and IT which is an important combination nowadays.

Do you think it is hard to find a job nowadays after you finish studying at a university?

If you have the right skills it is easy. Many companies need someone who works with IT. For my employer it was important that I have knowledge both in economics and in IT. Especially if you work with software like SAP Business One, this combination is essential. You need not only to have knowledge about controlling, accounting, finance but also about technical things, like databases and so on.

What helped you enter the job market?

Additional trainings always help. Everyone needs to know what he wants to do and has to go for it. Learning new things is key in the IT-Business because you have to stay up to date.

What do you think about the Academy Cube?

Academy Cube is very useful because everybody can access the eLearnings and make him- or herself more qualified for jobs. Then you just need to get connected to the employers and here we go… you will find a job easily. To combine the job hunt with earning the right qualifications is a good concept.

Can you imagine working abroad?

Currently I am working in Bavaria, but I am originally from Vienna, Austria. This is just 3 ½ hours away by car. However, I could also imagine working further away. I guess people are more open to working abroad nowadays.

Your Message to students and young job seekers:

Continuously keeping your qualifications up to date and doing extra trainings are very important to find a job. You need to show interest in what you are doing. At universities you learn more general things. You know a bit of everything but no details which you can apply at work. The SAP Courses I did via eLearning were important and at the same time my company saw that I am interested in the subject and that I am motivated. Today I am very happy with my career as an SAP Consultant.



Werner Hölzl’s experience with Academy Cube:

Werner Hölzl is CEO at Versino AG and Nico’s employer.

Mr Hölzl, how do you think Academy Cube can help young talents find jobs?

Young job seekers that just finished their studies often do not have much practical experience. Academy Cube offers practical, job-oriented eLearnings to bridge the gap between the knowledge universities teach students and the ones they will later be able to apply directly once they get a job.

What are you looking for in an ideal candidate?

We need employees that are curious and willing to learn. And we need people that like to work with clients and who are service-oriented. This is why we employed Nico Tomsich.

We are always looking for motivated and talented graduates who have knowledge about SAP software (SAP Business One, SAP HANA).   In addition, English is a must have.

Your message to job seekers:

Qualification is the key to success.

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