May 15, 2017

Introducing The Ultimate Curriculum For Mobile App Developers

Mary Creighton

Aspiring Mobile App Developers need look no further. Academy Cube’s latest curriculum is filled with everything you need to know as an App Developer, from UX design right through to the nitty-gritty of app development.

Mobile App Development

Developed in conjunction with Professor Thomas Smits, from the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, it’s comprised of top courses from both the academic and the business world. The entire curriculum can be done at your own pace — and it’s totally free to take part. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect from Academy Cube’s Mobile App Developer Curriculum.

Must-know methodology

Before getting deep into the world of Mobile Development, you need to understand the methodology behind it. That’s why the Curriculum starts with a course in UX Design for Mobile Apps as well as an intro to SCRUM, the most commonly used agile development approach.

Back to basics

The second section of the curriculum covers the basics of web and cross-platform development, with courses in HTML and CSS, along with Javascript. You’ll also have the chance to learn Angular, a JavaScript framework used to develop responsive web apps and Ionic, which lets you convert it into code for iOS and Android.

All about Apple

If you want to create iOS apps, then mastering Apple’s own programming language, Swift, is essential. Other courses in the iOS Development part of the curriculum include user interface development, backend integrations and persistency.

Android ABC’s

Android is fast becoming the most important Smartphone operating system, so the curriculum has a whole section dedicated to it. After receiving an introduction to Java development for Android, you’ll take courses in User Input, Multiple App Screens, backend integrations and persistency.

Enticing extras

With the basics of Mobile App Development covered, the final part of the Curriculum is made up of optional units that will give you the edge on the job market. Pick from Designing RESTful APIs, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Fiori Design guidelines to round off the course.

Interested in trying the Mobile App Developer Curriculum for yourself? Just sign up for Academy Cube and get started.


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