October 25, 2016

NEWS – openSAP Reactivation Codes

Stefanie Aigner

We have great news for you! openSAP is offering the opportunity for you to earn a Record of Achievement “for openSAP courses” in self-paced mode at the moment! Until now, you could only get a reactivation code at SAP TechEd or through a special social media challenge. Now you can purchase a reactivation code at SAP Store for just €39 (Bulk discounts also available)!

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How do I get the code?

If you’re interested in earning a Record of Achievement “for openSAP courses” in self-paced mode, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, check if the course you’re interested in, offers an option to Reactivate for Record of Achievement
  2. If the answer to 1. is YES, you can purchase your openSAP reactivation code at the SAP Store for €39
  3. After purchasing, enter the reactivation code in the “redeem code box” on the page of the course, you want to earn a Record of Achievement.
  4. Complete the assignments and final exam within 8 weeks.


openSAP will be staying free of charge including all existing materials and offerings. You can find more information and FAQ’s regarding the reactivation codes on the SAP blog.


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