In recent years, youth unemployment in a number of EU countries has reached levels high enough to inflict permanent damage on society, as well as on the wider European economy. This damage takes many forms, from social unrest among those affected – which undermines social cohesion – to the potential collapse of whole welfare systems.

But youth unemployment is not just a political challenge. It affects the economy. For example, skills shortages and reductions in purchasing power make it increasingly difficult for European businesses to compete at a global level.Which is why the companies and institutions behind the initiative – ‘IN CHARGE for the next generation in charge’ – see it as their responsibility to make a contribution that can improve this situation long-term.

The goal is to support ambitious young people – precisely because the prosperity and peace of our society depends on them. In the first 12 months of the initiative, IN CHARGE aims to recruit 100 companies, each one willing to give 100 young people a chance.