Instituto Superior Polit├ęcnico da Guarda

The Polytechnic of Guarda is an institution of higher education dedicated to preparing students for their future professions. It is also involved in research and investigation activities, services to the community and cultural, scientific and technical interchange. The Polytechnic was founded by Law 303/80 in 1980 and its statutes were confirmed in 1985. The School of Education began in 1986. One year later, the School of Technology and Management opened its doors to the Higher Education System. In 1999, the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Seia was founded, followed, in 2001, by the integration of the School of Health Sciences. Thus, the Polytechnic of Guarda is made up of four schools:

– The School of Education, Communication and Sport;
– The School of Technology and Management;
– The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management;
– The School of Health Sciences.

In the current academic year, this institution has about 3,000 students and over 250 teachers.