OPENSKIMR is the EU-funded project that aims to create a perfect matchmaking between talents, jobs, and the right education.

There is a strong need to support effective (re)-training by matching the current knowledge of individuals with the most demanded labor market skills, and to suggest possible learning roadmaps that can enable European citizens to acquire the required knowledge and skills.

The EU-funded project OPENSKIMR addresses this issue by developing an intelligent algorithm which matches talents, jobs and the right education in our digital world. OPENSKIMR has the vision to be used as a tool that aims to accompany and support talents in their whole career as a life-long digital companion.

The consortium members are: PDAgroup as business partner, Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) with its academic background, and Telefónica Educación Digital S.L.U. with the right educational and media production know-how. Digital Europe and European Schoolnet will participate as sub-contractors, integrating their special expertise in the digital technology industry in Europe as well as in teaching and learning.