February 9, 2016

Stand Out of The Jobseekers Crowd With Your Superhero Skills!

Veronika Much

In the first part of this blog post series we gave you some tips to find out what your superhero skills are in order to stand out from the job seekers crowd. So if you don’t know what your superhero skills are, check it out now! 

In this blog post, we want to show you how to make use of your superpowers to get that job you´ve always dreamed of.

Be a trendsetter!

If you have found out what your superhero skills are, start being a trendsetter in this area. It is more than important to be up-to-date in what’s going on in your industry. Or even better, be an early adapter!

Here is my advice for you: Create a Twitter account and follow important accounts related to your branch or talent. You don´t get any hotter news and more up-to-date information than on Twitter. And who knows – maybe someday you will be the person others follow to see what‘s new.

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Be a pro in interacting with other people!

It is important that you interact with people that share your talent or are in the same industry. But where do you meet such people? On events! Sit down and research events which matter in your industry or for your special talent. Take that chance, interact with these people and build your brand. Before you go to these events, practice in front of a mirror or with your friends in order to see how you affect other people and to improve your (body) language.

Furthermore, the job hunting process is all about communicating. Recruiters want to see how you interact with people. On the internet you can find tons of articles about how to communicate and control your body language – or even better, search for tutorials on YouTube.

Sell yourself as an expert!

Be confident and present yourself as an expert – Use LinkedIn for this! Search for LinkedIn groups with a specific target audience in order to reach the people in your industry. First, observe the discussions within these groups. Listen! And then comment on posts and be part of the discussions.

The best approach to present yourself as an expert is to jump on the blogging wagon. This is your chance to show the world what your talent is. Write how-to articles, talk about the events you are visiting, review books or lectures from university.

Put yourself to the test and find out which superhero you are!


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