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Listen to the stories of talents from Academy Cube and their employers.



“You get to know the practical side that you don’t learn at University”

Georg Trenovski from Austria, ATSP GmbH

“Always stay up-to-date within the industry.”

Johannes Dummer, CEO at ATSP GmbH

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“I can work and see the world at the same time.”

Nico Tomsich from Austria, SAP Certified Application Associate, Versino AG

“Qualification is the key to success”

Werner Hölzl, CEO at Versino AG

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“Academy Cube increased my self-confidence as well as my performance in job interviews.”

Jaime Moreno Díaz from Spain, Technical Quality Manager,
SAP SE Madrid

Integrating training and recruiting on one platform is a win-win for all.”

Bernhard Luecke, Director Embedded Support, Active Global Support EMEA, SAP ESPAÑA, S.A.

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“Especially young women often suffer from stereotyping and prejudice, but I think if you work hard for your dream and you are giving your best – you will reach whatever you want.”

Dania Radi from Austria, Business Development Manager, PDAgroup GmbH

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“Just focus on improving yourself and the jobs will come!”

Mihai Avramescu from Romania, Microsoft Corporation

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“Just have faith in yourself and be yourself, then you can achieve your goals, no matter how hard they might be!”

Firas Abdalazeem from Syria

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