November 2, 2015

Just focus on improving yourself and the jobs will come!

Stefanie Aigner

Mihai’s experience with Academy Cube:

After Mihai Avramescu has graduated in computer sciences from university in Romania, he started working at Pirelli. To improve his skills and career opportunities, he was looking for some practice-oriented trainings. While he was doing some research on the internet, Mihai found Academy Cube.

He signed up and first, he was overwhelmed by the variety of courses. There were so many trainings that fitted his needs, he said it was like standing in a candyshop. He completed a training program in the areas of “Big Data Management”, “SAP Essentials” and “In-Memory Computing”. This helped him to successfully get the challenging and exciting position, he wanted for his career! Now Mihai is working at Microsoft.

Sounds cool? Check out his story:

With the help of Academy Cube, talents now have the opportunity to improve their skill sets and get in touch with and find the company that is the perfect match for them wherever they happen to be.


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