July 26, 2017

The 6 Most Exciting Jobs In Cloud Computing

Mary Creighton

As cloud computing grows and grows, so do the different job roles. It’s great news if you’re looking to get into the industry, with more choice than ever before. But just what are the different job positions, and what skills do you need to succeed in them? We take a closer look at six essential cloud computing job roles.


1. Cloud Architect
You’ll be the person leading the development and implementation of cloud-based systems. It’s a highly skilled role, covering everything from security to IT performance. Cloud Architects typically have a degree in computer science or engineering as well as vast experience working in large scale networks. Knowledge of a programming language, Linux, Windows and virtualized environments is also a must.

2. Cloud Developer
Cloud Developers are usually responsible for the design and development of modules that work with cloud-based services. As well as a degree in computer science or similar, you’ll likely have work experience in system configuration and deployment automation and programming experience.

3. Cloud Sales
Want to combine your business acumen, winning personality and interest in the IT market? Then how about getting into cloud sales — helping to develop and grow cloud businesses? There’s a range of roles out there, from entry level to management, but you’ll typically need a degree in business or similar and a strong interest in the industry.

4. Cloud Systems Administrator
These are the people in charge of configuring and maintaining systems that make up a particular cloud system. They are also often responsible for troubleshooting and planning. Like a lot of cloud career paths, a degree in computer science or similar is a good start, with direct experience of system administration and an understanding of cloud systems also considered essentials.

5. Cloud Consultant
Cloud Consultants conduct technical studies and evaluations of cloud systems, helping companies pick the right cloud-based solutions for their needs. As well as having profound technical knowledge and an excellent understanding of the marketplace, you’ll also need superb interpersonal skills and should be a strong communicator and powerful persuader.

6. Cloud Product Manager
As a Cloud Product Manager, you’ll cover a broad spectrum of duties, from initial product conception to product positioning. It’s well-suited to someone with a background in business or IT, as well as good knowledge of the subject area, as they’ll work closely with architects and engineers. Strong organisation and communication skills round off the package.

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