July 5, 2017

The Biggest Trends in Cloud Computing Revealed

Mary Creighton

The cloud is everywhere. Even the most technophobic among us use it in one way or another to store photos, backup our phones or listen to music. But cloud computing is reaching far beyond the likes of Dropbox and Spotify. It’s having a huge impact on the IT industry and businesses in general. Here are five key trends to look out for.

board with cloud and lampSource: Pexels

1. More and more companies will join the cloud
There’s no doubt about; cloud computing is only going to get bigger. A report by McKinsey suggests that an increasing number of large companies are making the switch. 77 percent of companies were still using traditional IT infrastructure in 2015 but this figure should be down to 43 percent in 2017. Spending on cloud computing well reflect that — it’s expected to grow at six times the rate of IT spending between now and 2020.

2. Security remains a top concern
Cloud-related threats hit an all-time high last year, but cloud security is starting to catch up. Scott Chasin, CEO and co-founder of ProtectWise, says we will soon see security become a utility, with safety in the cloud becoming the standard.

3. Machine learning is on the rise
Machine learning is becoming more and more prominent in cloud computing, with companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services all offering machine-learning and artificial-intelligence-based cloud services. Some experts, like Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, reckon it could be a massive game changer. Expect this trend to grow and grow.

4. Hybrid clouds are a favourite for big businesses
Small and medium-sized business can make the transition to cloud services like AWS or Business ByDesign relatively easily, but large companies don’t always find it to be the best option. Instead, they tend to use a hybrid approach, letting them take advantage of the cloud without risking security. RightScale found that around 85 percent of enterprises now use this strategy.

5. Containers are the future
Venture capitalists invested more than $200 million in Container Tech, suggesting it’s going to be a big deal in the next year or so. Some experts reckon it will even become standard practice by 2018. Expect to see a more agile environment emerge as developers create more microservices.

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