July 28, 2015

Which Skills are Important for STEM Jobs in 2015?

Dania Radi

It is not just a rumor that STEM jobs will expand much faster in the future than jobs in other business fields. This great increase is based on the huge demand of science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills in non-STEM fields. However, currently job openings for STEM positions take longer to be filled than others. This is attributable to the fact that the required skills are often highly sophisticated and not every applicant meets the requirements.

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Even though, the STEM field is quite challenging, these kind of jobs should be the focus of many young professionals. These jobs offer the possibility to contribute to the development of the current economy and drive innovation, which is a great change for every young ambitious person. In addition to that, STEM jobs offer a very lucrative salary, which is another motivator to take on such a position. However, there is still a long-lasting gap between job offers and staffing because pursuing a career in the STEM sector requires a specific skill set.

These requirements increase year by year. In 2015 the expectations in this career sector are more challenging than ever before.

This used to be the typical STEM skill set:

  • Specific knowledge in math, science and technology
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Joined-up Thinking
  • Analytical Skills: analyzing a problem, evaluating products, systems or environmental services
  • Analytical Techniques: Evaluating information & data
  • Technical Skills: troubleshooting problems, being able to develop and built prototypes and solutions
  • Mathematical skills: being able to measure and calculate results
  • Critical and creative mindset
  • Research capabilities
  • Developing connections between technology and environment

Today, an additional specific STEM soft skill set is required and appreciated:

  • Leadership skills: in order to be able to lead projects and take responsibility
  • Communication and cooperation skills: needed to understand the customer´s need and being able to convey it into the technology field
  • Creative thinking: required to find new solutions
  • Interpretation skills: in order to function as a translator between business and technology
  • Organizational skills: essential to keep track of the project development and the information gathering

However, do not be frightened by the required competencies for STEM jobs. Just, try your best and you will see how easily you can make progress in this area because some skills just come through learning by doing.

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