December 12, 2016

The most exciting about STEM jobs in a crazy infographic!

Stefanie Aigner

What do you expect from a typical STEM career? You might be thinking of a programmer, a nerdy person sitting in front of a laptop in a dark room with walls covered with comic posters. But this stereotype is long gone. Today, STEM careers have reached a new level! Some of the coolest jobs require a background in science, technology, engineering and math. And don’t forget that some of the people, who have studied STEM, have build and programmed all the apps and gadgets you can’t live without. Are you curious what STEM has to offer?


Let’s talk about video game designers for example, they develop the coolest games for PC’s and multiple game consoles. So all the games you love, if it’s about playing soccer, driving fast cars of exploring new worlds, making great game adventures requires game designers that have a good grasp of game theory and complex math including everything from trigonometry to physics! Playing video games is not yours? You are more into outdoor sports? Did you know that the snowboard was invented by an engineer?

You want a successful career and earn a lot of money?

Students studying science or math in college have a higher employment rate and salary than other graduates. The median salary for a non-STEM graduate in the United States is $45.000 – the median salary for a software developer is $95.510. STEM workers command higher wages and earn a lot more than their nonSTEM counterparts.

According to the US Bureau of Statistics, by 2025, 80% of the job requirements will be made out of technical skills. Today, for every two job openings there is only one qualified applicant. There is a huge shortage of STEM talents and lots of chances for you to get an excellent job opportunity at an international company if you bring along the right skills.

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